CNKI File for Journal:
CNKI File for Volume:
CNKI File for Issue:

*Note: Indicate the respective volume and issue you want to generate the CNKI file for. If the issue does not come with an issue number, input 0 or leave it blank. After pushing the Submit button, wait until you see the prompt saying "The page is fully loaded!" and right-click on the page and select "Save as" to save the file as .html format. After the file is saved, do the following:
  1. Locate the .html file on your file system.
  2. Open the file with "Microsoft Excel".
  3. Save the opened Excel file to ".xls" format.
  4. Delete one of the heading rows if there are two heading rows (delete the row which does not belong to the jouranl).
  5. Check the content on the .xls file for error and make correction if necessary.
  6. The .xls file is now ready to be submitted to CNKI FTP.